Customer Satisfaction Surveys

At ACREM Consultants, we comprehensively research on customers’ satisfaction. We recognize the fact that in today’s competitive marketplace, the principle of Consumer preference is applied more than before and as a result choice is abundant and customers have more control. Consequently organizations must be intelligent about their customers, and make every effort to satisfy their needs if they are to remain competitive.

We therefore undertake comprehensively customer satisfaction surveys to enable our clients not only maintain their competitive edge, but provide useful information that can enable them deliver as per their client needs.

At ACREM Consultants, we appreciate that measuring customer satisfaction is fundamental to improving standards of customer care and retention. In order to enhance the services and products our client Offers to their Customers. Hence the need for the critical and candid opinions of Customers’ feedback on what they found to be good and what they found to be lacking in the service you gave them. Always, our Customer satisfaction generates knowledge based on methodological sound techniques that enables us to develop a composite customer satisfaction Index for our clients and information that can enable management to informed decisions on how to among others:

  1. Track customer Indices over time;
  2. Optimize customer satisfaction
  3. Eliminate customer dissatisfaction
  4. Increase customer retention
  5. Determine optimal customer service standards
  6. Develop comprehensive customer satisfaction Strategies

In conclusion therefore, we enable your management team to know what your customers’ perception and expectation are which helps them better understand their needs and how to better serve those needs.