Data Capture and Management

ACREM Consultants has a vibrant data-entry unit. We receive a lot of paper questionnaires from different survey projects. Upon receipt, we successfully develop data capture templates that are designed to capture all aspects of the questionnaires.

At ACREM Consultants, We take coding very seriously and thus having ACREM Consultants as your data capture partner is critical element in the success of any research project.

We Capture data using a system of double entry and our clients are therefore assured that the quantifiable results of a survey will have been formulated from respondents’ responses in such a way that is easily understood and utilized.

  1. The captured quantitative and qualitative data can be availed in a number of usable formats such as Excel, STATA, SPSS and E-Views. Including dictionaries.
  2. In addition, we avail all Completed qualitative data for FGDs based in Atlas.ti, All focus groups audio recordings, notes, and transcripts.

In line with our experience, we strongly recommended that clients contact us at the onset of their project. For any inquires you can urgently send us an email to, we commit to responding to you within 24hours.