Field Data Collection

At ACREM Consultants, we offer field data collection services to clients who need quality data to be collected on their behalf by a professional team. We have the technical capacity and experience in collecting both qualitative and quantitative research information, whether primary or secondary. Often, clients supply us with questionnaires and a sample frame and we deliver the completed questionnaire back to them.

We recognize that there are a number of factors to data collection that most people don’t take into account, and perhaps the most common problem that people have with data collection is that they aren’t completely impartial, they let their own judgment and decisions and preconceptions to affect their data collection, and that strongly hinders the accuracy of what they’re trying to accomplish.

However, there is no more need to worry, As this is where our professional data collection services come in, because the quality of your data collection and analysis doesn’t have to suffer and you don’t have to spend endless amounts of time on it, not with our help! No matter what part of the data collection process you might struggle or need help with, you can always come to our service for the professional expertise you need.

At ACREM Consultants, we are honored to;

  1. Have a large team of over 300 professionals in our database, who have extensive field data collection experience and skills in various types of data collection techniques (using both Computer assisted personal interviewing and hard copy questionnaires) from whom we recruit, train and deploy to collect data in any part of the Uganda as per their ethnicity;
  1. Exceedingly trained professional field interviewers from across the entire regions of Uganda with local language excellent abilities and minimum bachelor’s degree academic qualifications from whom we recruit as per the needs of any given data collection assignment;