Macro and Micro Economic Analysis

At ACREM Consultants Uganda LTD, Our goal here is to provide high quality economic analysis. We have diverse teams of macro and micro economists with extensive applied macroeconomic and microeconomic advisory experience in both the private and public sector.

At a Macroeconomic analysis level, ACREM Consultants provides analysis, forecasting, and research regarding topical cross-country issues such as national output (measured by gross domestic product (GDP)), inflation, and labor markets. We have the technical capacity required to assess current economic developments, and prepare forecasts and supporting analyses.

At a Microeconomic analysis, we majorly study how people make decisions when their choices are constrained by external factors. Thus we conduct research on consumption and saving, housing, business investment in equipment, structures, and inventories, labor supply, productivity, wage – and price-setting, and business cycles. At ACREM Consultants we often, use cost benefit analysis to value expected financial outcomes given likely social, economic and environmental costs and benefits in a wide range of policy competition and business context. Our Cost benefit Analysis expertise has been utilized on a number projects both local and international, in Local governments, different Ministries and Government Agencies, educational institutions, Non-governmental Organizations