Opinion Polls

Opinion polls are part of the research services we offer. At ACrem Consults; Opinion polls are usually designed to represent the opinions of the targeted population. We collect data from a representative sample of the desired and then extrapolating generalities in ratio or within the required confidence intervals.

ACREM Consults has the technical expertise (know-how) required to conduct any kind of opinion polls. We design, validate and execute public opinion surveys, through the application of rigorous sampling and survey quality-control procedures. This enables us to produce an accurate representations of the views of the opinion poll population.

Organizations and Individuals rely on our Opinion polls to:

  1. Understand new social trends and perceptions that exist within the society
  2. Gauge public opinion on key issues
  3. Research into public health, politics, education, work environment, etc.

For example; we conduct Political polls before or during political campaigns as a means of identifying issues of importance to voters, gauging their opinions on those issues, and predicting factors such as likely voter turnout and voter preferences. Often, our surveys are comprehensive in nature to the extent that they are designed to enable identification of candidates’ perceived strengths and weaknesses as well as brief, “horse race” polls used to track candidates’ comparative likelihood of winning an election.