Our Competitive edge

ACREM Consultants’ competitive edge instigates from;

  1. A Balanced Team of Experts: ACREM Consultants’ brings together a pool of experts in undertaking an assignment. The teams are assembled to be in position to meet the specific needs of any given assignment. Our teams often consist members with diverse backgrounds, with considerable local and international exposure to high level consultancy projects in government ministries / departments, private sector companies as well as international companies. The consultants are always available and enthusiastic to carry out the actual execution of consultancy assignments
  2. Knowledge and Experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research: In all the research assignments entrusted to ACREM Consultants, The firm brings on board a wide range of expertise in designing and applying a blended mix of both qualitative and quantitative methods in answering real world phenomenon.
  3. Effective Communication: Our team recognizes the need for effective communication with our clients and various stakeholders during the project life time. Thus we always inform our clients on the progress of the project during execution and often disseminate information as and when required by our clients.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: ACREM Consultants’ enjoys access to a vast network of companies, organizations and independent consultants for specific advisory needs in addition to the strong international network of collaborators and associates. Furthermore, the Firm has often adopted a collaborative approach to solving policy problems, working in partnerships, even with client organizations, to improve knowledge and competence in managing development and change, this is as a result of believing in institutional learning, through emphasis on teamwork and sharing technical expertise and knowledge in pursuit of excellence.