Product Development

It is vital for Companies/Institutions to keep their product portfolio fresh, yet as many as nine out of ten new product launches fail, mainly due to lack of a ‘stage gate process,’ which ensures the product is likely to succeed before it is launched. With ACREM Consultants, Your business may be one innovation away from that cash cow you are looking for.

With our vast team of experienced Market research and product development experts. Clients often use our expertise to develop new products, delivery channels and services that increase revenue, grow sales, bring about efficiency or reduce costs in your business. We follow the customer focused approach to design custom solutions that require minimum change in your current cost, operational and technology structure making our products both nice for the market and good for your budget.

With our expertise in market research, we not only get involved in every stage of new product development, but we also act as moderators during product ideation. We test concepts by allowing the target audience to touch and feel the new product, and we use research focused techniques at the earlier stages to discuss the product in depth.