ACREM researchers have enormous experience in designing, executing and analyzing of surveys. We pride our expertise in our ability to use Online, CAPI, Face to Face and Mail (Postal) methods of running surveys.

At ACREM Consultants Uganda LTD, we undertake arrange of surveys not limited to household surveys, small scale simple surveys to large scale cross sectional surveys and complex longitudinal surveys involving cohorts. We have the expertise of designing samples, undertaking and supporting other research firms/ our clientele in undertaking sampling when a full census of the population under investigation is not possible nor desirable. This includes purposive and random sampling.

At ACREM Consultants we have developed a number of survey tools having been either directly hired or subcontracted by other research firm, using predominantly closed questions gathering purely quantitative data, as well as conducting surveys with a number of open ended questions requiring qualitative responses, and or a combinations of the two.

Our researchers are expert at:

  1. Face-to-face and telephone interviews
  2. Focus groups
  3. Participant observation
  4. Cognitive interviews
  5. Participatory appraisal techniques
  6. Repertory grid method

We know how to design questions to elicit informative responses from every part of society including:

  1. Households
  2. Policy-Makers and Key (Expert) Informants
  3. Stakeholders
  4. Service providers
  5. Consumers
  6. Employees and Employers
  7. Individuals
  8. Institutions /organizations.

We can translate surveys into a wide variety of local Ugandan languages and alternative formats. Our trained and highly-skilled researchers (field interviewers) are adept at undertaking fieldwork on sensitive topics and with hard to reach groups, to boost response rates and help ensure findings are representative of the target population (including designing appropriate weighting strategies).